People are always doing strange things that make you scratch your head wondering what they were thinking. One Hudson Valley man thought it was a wise idea to keep a fawn as a pet.

I think that when it comes to keeping wild animals as pets, it should be common knowledge that it's illegal. Personally, I've never looked at a wild animal, and thought "man I need to take that thing home!". Turns out, one Hudson Valley man saw a whitetail fawn and decided he was going to try and make it his new pet.

On June 3, Environmental Conservation Officers investigated a complaint regarding an illegally possessed whitetail fawn. The man who was allegedly in possession of the animal was actively avoiding law enforcement according to ECOs. In response, the officers waited outside the man's home for several hours before observing the man emerge from his home with the wild fawn.

After observing the man with the fawn, officers apprehended the man and interviewed him. Officers learned that the man was in possession of the fawn for about four days and was feeding it a combination of sugar water and goat's milk. I'm sure you figured out that that combination is not healthy or beneficial to a wild fawn.

The man was issued a ticket for possessing protect wildlife without a permit. As for the cute little fawn, officers transported it to a licensed wildlife rehab facility, where it was determined that the fawn was malnourished, shocking I know.

Always remember, no matter how cute that little animal looks, don't bring the damn thing home for crying out loud!

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