A town in the region wants residents to help come up the town's "first-ever town slogan."

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Town of New Lebanon officials are asking residents of New Lebanon to help with a slogan.

"How would you describe New Lebanon? Share your thoughts on what New Lebanon’s first-ever town slogan should be. Town slogans are short, catchy phrases used to convey something memorable about a town. They often appear in welcome signs and other town materials," the Town of New Lebanon states on its website.

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Each resident of New Lebanon is invited to create and submit one slogan. The slogan can't be more than five words. The deadline to submit a slogan is August 8. Slogans can be submitted using the online form, by phone, mail, or drop off at the New Lebanon Town Hall, include your name, residential address, slogan idea and contact information. CLICK HERE to submit online.

“We hope having a town logo and slogan can help convey the special qualities of New Lebanon to both residents and visitors,” New Lebanon Town Supervisor Tistrya Houghtling said in a press release.

Officials are looking for short, memorable slogans that could be featured beneath “Welcome to New Lebanon” signs or on other town materials.

Up to five slogan ideas submitted by the public will be selected by the Business and Economic Development Committee to be presented along with one slogan from the Town Board to New Lebanon residents for a vote.

The board, guided by the vote tallies will be able to review and choose the final slogan at its October meeting. The person whose slogan is chosen will receive an undisclosed prize.

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