A Hudson Valley man was gruesomely attacked by a cougar. The animal killed the local man's friend.

Isaac “Izzy” Sederbaum, 31, of Armonk is recovering after he was mauled by a cougar on May 19 while mountain biking near Seattle.

“It latched on to his head. He said he had his whole entire head in the jaws of this animal and was being shaken around,” Washington Fish & Wildlife Police Capt. Alan Myers told CBS on Sunday.

Sederabum was mountain biking with S.J. Brooks. When Brooks attempted to flee, the cougar stopped attacking Sederabum, chased after Brooks and killed Brooks.

Sederabum, who attended Byram Hills High School and Bard College, road his bike to get a cellphone signal and called 911 while bleeding from his injuries.

“Help, I got attacked by a mountain lion, me and my friend!” Sederabum on the 911 call according to CBS. “Hurry, it hurts. I’m so worried about my friend."

A GoFundMe was started to help Sederbaum pay for "what's likely a costly rehab." Sederbaum is in stable condition but will remain in the hospital for treatment for some time, according to GoFundMe.

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