A spirit made right here in the Hudson Valley is getting high praise.

The Rob Report recently compiled a list of the 20 best Bourbons of the 21st century. Not the year, not the decade, the entire 21st century. Most of the bourbons on the list are from Kentucky. Brands like Maker's, Old Rip Van Winkle, and Knob Creek all made the list. But one Hudson Valley made bourbon made the list as well.

According to the Rob Report, Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey, from Tuthilltown Spirits, is one of the best bourbons of the 21st century. Hudson Baby Bourbon was released in 2006 and sells for roughly $50. This was actually the first whiskey produced in New York State since the prohibition era. It's also the first-ever commercially available bourbon from New York State.

The Rob Report says that Hudson Baby Bourbon is made in charred new American oak barrels. It uses locally sourced corn. The flavors of vanilla toffee, pepper spice, honey, raisin, and mint are all cited in its ranking. The Rob Report calls it "an ideal maiden voyage for unseasoned adventurers."

The Hudson Valley is no stranger to great distilleries. Tuthilltown Spirits is located in Gardiner and their Hudson Whiskey products are constantly ranked amongst the best. You can find their liquors for sale at most liquor stores in the Hudson Valley area. If it's the best of the century, it's even more of a reason to drink local and support local. Looking to support even more local spirits? Keep reading for a list of five Hudson Valley made whiskeys (whiskies?).

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