Daniel McRitchie, comedian and owner of Laugh It Up Comedy Club in Poughkeepsie is holding a comedy night to help the Housing, Empowerment, Reassurance and Occupation (HERO) program which helps military veterans that are homeless or at immediate risk of becoming homeless.

The January 5th show according to Anthony Kavouas of HERO is designed to raise money that will immediately be used to  help vets that are in danger of losing their house due to rental arrears.  The funds can also be used to help a vet get caught up on past due rent or, if need be, emergency housing at a hotel until more permanent housing solution can be arranged.

A program that had been run by Hudson River Housing was designed to address the specific needs of veteran homelessness but the funding has ceased.  Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro and Marc Coviello, the county's Director of Veterans Services were able to secure a $100,000 grant to aid in keeping vets off of the street. Kavouas said that the new program started in October of 2018 and has already assisted twenty-two veterans.

"There is an enormous need for emergency housing services for veterans that have returned to civilian life," said Kavouas as he explained the need to raise more funds for the program.

McRitchie said that he's holding the event because "as much as I enjoy making people laugh, homelessness among veterans is no joke and my friends and I are doing our part to help."  The show will feature headliner Pete Sasso along with joke-tellers McRitchie, Missy Allan and Nicole Pressler.  The $20 tickets can be purchased in advance at LaughItUp.net.

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