Representative Sean Patrick Maloney is battling the government over a $37.16 tampon purchase.

Maloney posted a Facebook video on Thursday to discuss an odd billing discrepancy that's been flagged by the House Finance Office. The Representative from New York says his office recently purchased tissues, toilet paper and other items for his employees and office visitors.

The list of expenses was submitted to the Finance Office as usual, but Maloney's staff was caught off guard by the response they received. An email  explained that the House was rejecting $37.16 worth of tampons, claiming that the purchase was not an office supply, but a "personal care item."

After publicly complaining about the policy, Maloney says the committee responsible for rejecting the purchase accused him of lying about the email. The House Administration Committee has also demanded that Maloney retract his statements.

To set the record straight, Maloney posted a "dramatic reading" of the actual email he received, rejecting his office's tampon purchase:

What do you think about the controversy? Should Maloney have to reimburse the House for tampons? Or should the House Administration Committee admit that they made a mistake?

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