The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a suspect who allegedly used counterfeit money in the Town of Carmel in February, authorities said.

A day after information was released by the Sheriff’s Office regarding cash transactions that included counterfeit $100 bills, authorities are seeking the man pictured in connection with the alleged crime that took place on Feb. 23.

In a statement, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department said it is actively investigating cases in which counterfeit $100 bills are being used to make smaller purchases at convenience stores, drug stores, and eateries. It did not say how many of the fake of Benjamins they've found in circulation at this time.

By using the counterfeit bills in cash transactions, suspects are receiving change in smaller, legal currency and leaving their victims short financially.

Businesses are reminded to check currency used during a cash transaction for its authenticity by using the proper tools that are commercially available, the Sheriff’s Department said. If any person or business feels as though they have been duped in this ongoing scheme, they are asked to contact their local law enforcement agency.

Anyone with information about the suspect is asked to contact the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office at 845-225-4300.

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