On Tuesday firetrucks raced to the oldest operating inn in America as a fire broke out at the Beekman Arms in Rhinebeck.

According to the Rhinebeck Fire Department, the fire was reported just before 2pm. That's when trucks were dispatched to the Inn located on Route 9 and West Market Street.

The historic inn dates all the way back to 1704 when William Traphagen opened up the Traphagen tavern on Kings' Highway, which is now Route 9. Years later an inn was added to the tavern and the Beekman Arms was born in 1766. The inn played a pivotal part in the American Revolution, housing soldiers who used the front lawn to perform drills as they prepared for war.

Rhinebeck Fire Department
Rhinebeck Fire Department

In fact, the inn has been involved in many historic moments. According to its owners, George Washington, Philip Schuyler, Benedict Arnold, and Alexander Hamilton all stayed at the inn and enjoyed drinks and food at the tavern. In fact, the quarrel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr that led to their infamous duel was started in the tavern.

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Luckily, Tuesday's fire was discovered quickly and identified as an "active chimney fire." Crews were able to confirm that the blaze was isolated to the chimney and worked quickly to extinguish it.

Rhinebeck Fire Department
Rhinebeck Fire Department

According to authorities, there was no structural damage to the historic building and the Rhinebeck Fire Department was able to clear the scene by 2:30, just a little over a half hour after arriving.

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Have You Been To FDR's Cousin's House in Rhinebeck, NY?

Some may only know about FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt but there were other family members who played a role in the Hudson Valley.

Thomas Suckley and his wife Catherine Murray Bowne created history in Dutchess County, NY. Their estate called "Wilderstein" was designed in the 1800's. 

According to Wilderstein.org, the meaning behind the name of their estate means "wild man's stone". This was in reference to "an Indian petroglyph on the property, a reminder of the cultural heritage that preceded European settlement of the region."

By the late 1800's, the son of Thomas and Catherine (Robert Bowne Suckley) along with his wife, Elizabeth Philips Montgomery decided to add onto the estate.

This "Queen Anne style mansion" is also known for its beautiful views, lush landscape and large property. There were three generations of the Suckley family members that lived at Wilderstein. 

Who was related to FDR?

Margaret Suckley was not only just a cousin of FDR but they spent quality time together. She traveled with FDR during his presidency and gifted him his black Scottish terrier dog, Fala.
Margaret also helped FDR form his library located in Hyde Park, NY.

Some would also say that she was a "confidante" to him as well. Margaret was with FDR when he passed away in Georgia. She died at the Wilderstein estate in 1991 at 100 years old.

Margaret was the last resident to live at Wilderstein. 

Wilderstein is also known as "the Hudson Valley's most important example of Victorian architecture."

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