Johnny Depp shocked fans in the Hudson Valley. If you missed him, he should still be in New York.

Legendary guitarist Jeff Beck performed at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York last Friday, Oct. 7 and Saturday, Oct. 8. World-famous actor Johnny Depp joined Beck on stage in Westchester County.

Johnny Depp Shocks Fans In Port Chester, Westchester County, New York

The concert was billed as "Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp: Live in Concert."

Kayla Gloom/TikTok
Kayla Gloom/TikTok

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Depp Meets Fans In Hudson Valley After the Westchester County Show

Depp shocked fans by signing autographs and giving hugs to at least one woman.

"Johnny Depp is unbelievably kind, i will cherish this memory forever thank you jd! im so glad i finally got to give him a hug," Kayla Gloom wrote while sharing a TikTok video of her interaction with the famous action. Gloom's TikTok went viral.

Kayla Gloom/TikTok
Kayla Gloom/TikTok

But not for the reasons she expected. Many people commented saying it wasn't Depp. I'll admit some had some very funny comments.

Was It Really Johnny Depp?

"I love Depp, but this is somebody’s grandmother," Kole Lyndon Lee wrote.

"That's not him," Vanessa simply said.

"Girl, that’s Donny Jepp," nicolevia27 added.

Kayla Gloom/TikTok
Kayla Gloom/TikTok

"Ma’am, that’s my Aunt Linda," Nikki Lynn wrote. "That’s Johnny dupe," Marisol said.

It's possible that some didn't think it was Depp because he was clean-shaven and wasn't wearing makeup. But it really was the actor.

"That’s him lol i went to his show with jeff beck, i’ve seen him enough times to know when it’s him," Kayla Gloom wrote in the comment section of her TikTok.

Others on TikTok said it was Depp.

"Do people not realize that people get older and that he literally just went through a super stressful time which can take a toll on him physically," Amy Silva wrote.

"People are so mean that’s definitely Johnny he’s just gotten a little older. He’s such a sweetheart & still so handsome. I wish ppl were kinder," Kylie Michele added.

Depp Touring With Beck In New York State

Kayla Gloom/TikTok
Kayla Gloom/TikTok

Beck, 78, and Depp kicked off their U.S. tour in Washington D.C. on Oct. 5, just a few nights before playing in the Hudson Valley. On Monday, they performed in New Jersey with Variety giving the show a great review.

Over the years the two have become close friends and have worked together on a number of projects. In 2020, Beck and Depp released a cover of a John Lennon song. They released a joint album called "18" during the summer of 2022.

More Chances To See Depp Perform In Hudson Valley, New York State

If you missed Depp, don't worry you still have a few chances to see him perform with Beck in the Hudson Valley or other parts of New York State.

The pair are scheduled to perform at the Ulster Performing Arts Center in Kingston, New York on Friday, Oct. 13. They then head to Suffolk County, Long Island for two shows in Huntington. Those shows are scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 14 and Sunday, Oct. 15.

Yacht Once Owned by Johnny Depp Spotted in Kingston. New York

Twitter/Zacshaw/Getty Images
Twitter/Zacshaw/Getty Images

Did you know that a yacht once owned by Johnny Depp has been docked in Ulster County, New York?

The ship was purchased by Johnny Depp back in 2007 and named Vajoliroja.

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