If you have driven in downtown Beacon then you may or may not have noticed a large and strange-looking building on 9D. It isn't the easiest building to see. I have often wondered what it was for and what goes on there. The building is covered in unique artwork.

Google Maps
Google Maps

It wasn't until recently that I noticed the sign out in front. I'm not sure if it is new or if I  missed it every time I drove by.


What is the Light Cult?

Several Hudson Valley residents have noticed this place and have wondered the same thing. Anytime the word 'cult' is used it is bound to turn a few heads and alarm some people but is this really a cult?

According to their website, from what I understand the Light Cult Crypt Club is the headquarters for an artistic metaverse and art collective. It was founded by contemporary artist, Ron English.

  His hand-drawn artwork is turned into NFTs (non-fungible tokens) which is a crypto currency that is increasingly growing in popularity. Here is an example of artwork used as an NFT.

Have you seen this place before? Do you have any crypto currency saved? Maybe you should check this place out.

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