There are so many places across New York State that you may or may not have heard of. Places that are considered areas, but not necessarily towns. You might even consider them the 'area of' type thing.

So when someone asked me if I knew where the Town of Southeast was in New York State, I was like? Um? Can I phone a friend? Can I look on a map? 

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So, where is the Town of Southeast in NYS? Is it a Town or a town?

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The town in this case is more like the geographic area known as the 'Town of Southeast.' This regional area could be one that you have driven through before, but if you didn't see the sign, then either you weren't looking for it or you blinked and you missed it.

What county is the Town of Southeast, New York?

Map of New York State
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The Town of Southeast is in the county of Putnam, so it is actually located in the south eastern-ish area of New York State. If you had to pick a city that would give you a better idea as to where you could start to envision its location on the New York State map, look toward Brewster. Brewster, New York is actually in the Town of Southeast. Is there another town that people might not know exists in New York? Share them with us.

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