Here in the Hudson Valley, we know the  "good spots" to grab a bite to eat. Depending on our mood, we may choose from local bakeries and coffee shops to pubs, fine dining or even one of our favorite diners.

I have traveled to different locations and noticed that not every state has it as good as New Yorkers do. Imagine living somewhere without a deli or even a diner? Being from New York, this is something that many of us could not imagine.

However, when we hear of our favorite local businesses closing, it can change our world. More than ever, residents in the Hudson Valley have become friends with those who work at our favorite, small businesses.

It's always a rewarding experience for the guests to meet with the owners and talk about how happy they all are to be under the same roof with good company and good food. 

A historic Ulster County, NY diner plans to be demolished.


We have watched some of our "go-to" spots close down after the 2019 pandemic. However, some establishments opened up while others continued to struggle to remain in business.

As of August 2022, residents were shocked to hear the news in Kingston, NY. A fan favorite diner may have to say goodbye to their customers.

The Olympic Diner on Washington Avenue in Kingston may be demolished.

There is a plan in place that would no longer include this local diner. A three story storage facility would take over in the same location as this popular diner.

However, there has only been an approval of the site plan. If all goes according to this plan, there could be a 92,940-square-foot storage facility on site soon.

This diner is special and brings in residents from the community. The Olympic Diner is 51 years old. Those involved would see the positive side of demolishing the diner along with a building on site that is used for storage and offices. There are about 2 acres of property.

How do Ulster County, NY residents feel about a historic diner being demolished?


The sale of the property is not finalized; if so, the process of demolishing the diner would take several months to complete. Residents, Ulster County council and supervisor have different outlooks on this matter.

Those who attend the diner frequently or even have weekly to monthly meet-ups, are disappointed.

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Where is your favorite diner in the Hudson Valley? Share with us below.

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