A number of people were arrested, accused of using a local music company as a front to move cocaine in the Hudson Valley and across the state.

According to the indictment unsealed Thursday, the defendants used a local music company called Outta They League or OTL as front by its owner, Malcom Kinyon, to facilitate wholesale cocaine deals and help launder the proceeds of the sales.

Each month, the music company circulated multiple kilograms of cocaine in and around Poughkeepsie and across New York State, officials say.

Brian Bowman, Aaron Hardy, Andrew Hardy, Nicholas Leyva, Davion Mcadam, Dante Mcnair, Jaquan Mcnair, Anton Miller, Daniel Spotards, and Bryan Whittle allegedly obtained large amounts of cocaine from Kinyon. The defendants would then resell the drugs and use the bulk of the proceeds to pay Kinyon for the cocaine he provided.

Kinyon then allegedly reinvested those proceeds to obtain more cocaine, which he would again provide to his associates.

Despite a very small amount of incoming coming from the music business the bank account associated with Outta They League grew to over $1 million during an almost three period, authorities say. The money in the account was allegedly made during drug deals.

Kinyon, Star Bermudez, Derrick Ensley, Anton Miller and Daniel Spotards are accused of making large cash deposits into the OTL account.
In addition to selling drugs, OTL is accused of maintaining order by threatening the use of violence. Members and associates were recorded discussing the use of violence, including using guns and/or physical assaults to ensure repayment for drug debts and to discourage co-conspirators from providing information to law enforcement.

Kinyon is also accused of selling guns purchased in Virginia to his OTL members.

The arrests in Poughkeepsie were coordinated with an investigation in and around Kingston were 31 alleged Bloods gang members are accused of selling cocaine and other drugs obtained by OTL.

“Today was a great victory for law enforcement in Dutchess County and elsewhere by the taking of these allegedly dangerous individuals off of our streets,” Dutchess County Sheriff Adrian H. Anderson stated. “This country faces an ongoing drug epidemic, and being able to contribute towards ending that epidemic by helping remove some of those allegedly responsible is very gratifying. This is a perfect example of what can be achieved when Federal, State, and local law enforcement work together and I look forward to doing so again in the future.”

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