A Hudson Valley man allegedly confessed to pleasuring himself outside a local woman's bedroom window and drawing a heart.

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On Wednesday, Town of Warwick police announced the arrest of Jose N. Rodriguez Medrano, 53, of Pine Island for stalking, public lewdness and three counts of trespassing.

Last week, the owner of apartments on Zygmunt Lane in Pine Island reported to Warwick police there was a suspicious man in and around the property. The owner and a resident told authorities they believed an unknown man was trying to look inside a woman's apartment window.

The woman reported an unknown substance was smeared in the shape of a heart on her bedroom window, police say.

Medrano who was identified by a Mexico issued ID was arrested by Warwick police with the help of Town of Goshen police on Monday, according to the Town of Warwick Police Department.

Medrano told police he masturbated while looking into the woman's bedroom window and drew a heart on the glass, officials say.

A temporary order of protection was issued for the victim. Medrano was issued an appearance ticket.

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