We've been talking about Girl Scouts and cookies quite a bit in 2019 - we learned that there is a 'Girl Scout Cookie Season' and found out which flavors would be hitting the Hudson Valley, and which wouldn't, now, may I present to you this AMAZING Girl Scout who just took her sales to the next level.

Top Cookie CEO (yes, that is officially her title) Charlotte Holmberg, hailing from Colorado, had an idea to better market her cookies by creating --- wait for it ---"Momoas" instead of Samoas.  Yup, the packaging for the chocolate and caramel cookies got a bit of a makeover thanks to Charlotte and her mom, who happens to work in marketing.

With all the hype around Jason Momoa recently from the Aquaman movie, it's no surprise that these specialty boxes were a hit - talk about knowing your audience, Charlotte!


In case you were wondering, National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend, yes, also a thing, starts tomorrow (Friday 2.22).

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