Central Hudson will address Hudson Valley residents billing and energy concerns. The company hopes to answer all your questions.

In February, Hudson Valley Post reported Central Hudson warned customers their bills are going to increase.

Central Hudson warned bills for natural gas will increase by about 19 percent, electric bills will increase by 46 percent, and about 29 percent for combination electric and natural gas bills.

Central Hudson said the increase is due to increases in supply prices for both electricity and natural gas as the region navigates a colder than average winter and as global energy factors come into play, prompting an increase in the demand and price for energy.

Supply prices are market-based and not marked up by Central Hudson, officials say.

Upset young couple having problem with central heating or suffering from cold or flu

"These bill increases are temporary and may vary for individual customers depending on energy usage and their billing cycle," Central Hudson said in February.

However, Central Hudson now believes "higher costs will be sustained through much of 2022."

Company officials say the events in eastern Europe are partially to blame.


“A confluence of increased economic activity, constrained energy supplies, weather and global factors continue to affect energy prices,” President and CEO of Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation Charles A. Freni stated. “This has impacted the prices of electricity and natural gas that Central Hudson delivers to our customers.” To view a video on rising energy prices and bill payment and assistance programs offered by Central Hudson.

Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro believes residents are receiving "shocking" utility bills from Central Hudson.

One Dutchess County resident sent us her bill where she owned over $17,000 for one month.


"The shocking utility bills our residents are receiving adds insult to the injury from last year‘s flawed rollout of their new billing system. Central Hudson has an obligation to keep our community informed about the cost of the energy they deliver," Molinaro stated. "Too many families living paycheck to paycheck cannot bear the weight of inflation. Add to that a confusing and shocking utility bill increase and we have a recipe for disaster. Central Hudson must do better. They can do better. It’s time they provide assistance and relief to our residents.”

Dutchess County
Dutchess County

Molinaro believes a new billing system and failure to communicate is flawed and disturbing.

“Central Hudson‘s rollout of a new billing system and failure to communicate effectively with our residents in anticipation of increased energy costs is flawed and disturbing," he added. "Some of what we’re experiencing can be attributed to bad decisions and bad policy in Albany and Washington, but Central Hudson bears much responsibility here. They knew a rate increase was imminent. They have absolute control over their operations and communications. It is clear based on the countless individuals who have communicated with my office that Central Hudson’s outreach efforts have failed."

New York State officials launched an investigation into Central Hudson earlier this month in response to a record number of complaints

Central Hudson Plans to host a Facebook Live on Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. to address "your billing and energy concerns."

"Many of you have expressed questions and concerns regarding supply price increases and billing issues. Please join us for this live event to address your concerns and help you with outstanding questions you may have," Central Hudson writes in the Facebook event.

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