Two people were trapped after a car get stuck in what's described as "fresh blacktop" in the Hudson Valley.

On Monday around 5 p.m., first responders received what's described as a pretty strange call. A car got stuck in fresh blacktop, trapping two people inside the car on East Main Street in Port Jervis near Dunkin.

According to Orange County NY Fire Calls, the initial report said a car sank into the pavement outside the liquor store. The car was 2.5 feet deep with two people trapped inside the car. The liquor store is across the street from Dunkin on East Main Street in Port Jervis, according to Google Maps.

While some couldn't believe how a car could get stuck, others who drove on the road earlier understood.

"I drove over that about 2 hours ago. Went very slow. My car started to bog down like it was going to get stuck. The patch was VERY soft," Valerie Therese wrote in the comment section of the Orange County NY Fire Calls Facebook post.

A few people mentioned the road was previously full of potholes that damaged a number of cars.

Video posted in the comment section shows workers trying to help dig the car out. The outcome is unclear as of this writing. Hudson Valley Post called the Port Jervis Fire Department for comment. We will update this article once we hear back.

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