Her neighbors disagree, here's what happened.

If you've ever lived in an apartment complex in the Hudson Valley, you know that you have to always keep in mind that you live really close to others. There are a ton of stories about neighbors having issues with each other over all kinds of things.

Things like neighbors arguing, fighting, not picking up after their pets, and then you have the dreaded car alarm going off at 3 am and nobody turning it off. That's exactly what happened to Bridget from Fishkill who emailed us to ask if she did anything wrong in handling what happened to her the other night. She wrote,

"Hey guys I know both of you live in apartment complexes so I thought I'd ask you how you would handle this. Here’s what happened...A couple of nights ago, my neighbor’s car alarm went off in the middle of the night. It woke me from a dead sleep. At first, I didn’t think much of it, but after a while, nobody came out to turn it off. After 25 minutes of it going off, I called 911. Like 20 minutes later the police showed up to check it out, they woke up my neighbors who own the car, and thankfully everything was okay. The next day I saw them outside and asked if everything was ok and they gave me a heavy attitude for calling 911. They said I should have tried to wake them first. I just thought if they didn’t hear it after 25 minutes of beeping, something had to be wrong. They asked me to never do that again and definitely had a cold way about them. I don’t think I did anything wrong, do you? Would you have called 911 or would you have tried to wake them up? Bridget"

YIKES! I think that if this happened to me I would have handled it pretty much the same way. Honestly, I think if it was my car that had the alarm going off, I would be so thankful that I had a neighbor like Bridget that was looking out for me and my car. The last thing I would do is give her an attitude for doing it. I think I would even get her a little something for looking out for me.

What do you think? How would you have handled something like this? Let us know through the Wolf Country App.

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