You can spend the night in the Hudson Valley in a cabin built for Mars. It's described as the "first eco-habitat on Earth created through space-grade technology."

The cabin is called TERA. It was developed by AI SpaceFactory after their NASA-award-winning Mars habitat, MARSHA.

"TERA was created with space-grade technologies and materials that were developed for long-term sustainable missions on Mars," the company wrote on its crowdfunding website.

The company hasn't revealed where the TERA is located, but it's somewhere in the Hudson Valley. The company says the TERA is "only 1.5 hours by train from New York City," in "Upstate New York with sweeping views of the Hudson River."

"The site is easily accessible by both car and public transportation, yet it feels as though it’s in a distant land, far from the city – encased in a forest of trees along the Hudson River. The site has several vantage points of the river and a beautiful path that leads to several overlooks, one of which will house tables for scenic meals along the river. The land has acres of unspoiled nature to explore as well as several private trails and a small stream that runs through the property – and all can be accessed by guests during their stay," the company said.

The Mars cabin will be available for nightly stays starting in March 2020.

"TERA is unlike any other home on this planet, 3-D printed from plants and minerals found in abundance on our planet and fitted with the most advanced technological, smart and eco-friendly products. TERA gives guests a quiet appreciation of Earth while offering a glimpse into life on a new planet," the company wrote.

AI SpaceFactory was founded by an award-winning architecture team who built many of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. Their groundbreaking MARSHA is the first-ever 3D printed habitat of its height designed to enable human life on Mars.

To stay in the cabin, you must book through Tera's Indiegogo campaign. However, many nights are already sold out. Currently, a weeknight stay is available for $175.

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