Just one month after opening, a new restaurant in the Hudson Valley had its roof damaged by a tornado.

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Late Wednesday there were unconfirmed reports of a tornado touching down in Dutchess County. On Thursday, the National Weather Service confirmed a tornado touched down in Amenia.

According to the National Weather Service, an EF-1 twister with winds of 100 miles per hour touched down in Amenia Wednesday afternoon. The twister was about 100 yards in width and traveled 0.6 miles, officials say.

The tornado ended near the intersection of Mechanic Street and East Main Street, where it ripped the roof off a restaurant, officials say. Hudson Valley Post has learned the eatery with a damaged roof is the Great Cape Baking Company.

"I went out back knowing the storm was coming from that direction and pretty quickly it was rolling on us the sky turn green definite rotation there’s no question about it," Great Cape Baking Company owner John Komsa told Fox.

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The Great Cape Baking Company officially opened for business on March 20. It's located at the former site of Monte's Local Kitchen & Tap Room.

The Great Cape Baking Company specializes in hand-cut donuts, gourmet bread, pies, tea cakes, jams, jellies and preserves, according to the company's Facebook. The bakery is especially known for its signature cranberry harvest donuts and apple cider donuts.

The roof of the new bakery was partially torn off by the twister. Despite that, the bakery is able to remain open, according to owners.

"WE ARE OPEN!!!!!!," the owner wrote on Facebook Thursday morning.

The twister also caused what officials describe as "sporadic damage" along its path. One house along Ohandly Drive drive had partial roof damage as well as a two-by-four and a small branch driven into the side of the home.

Nine out of 10 homes on Ohandly Drive sustained damage, according to the National Weather Service

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