Black bears are New York state's only species of bear and are considered a very important and natural component of the area's ecosystem, according to the DEC. However, one particular black bear is in need of some special assistance from wildlife experts.

State environmental conservation officers are looking for a black bear in New York who appears to have gotten something stuck on its head.

*** UPDATE: WIVT-TV is reporting that the bear was freed by a group of volunteers in Owego Saturday, who used tools to remove what was described as a milk can from the animal's head. ***

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Bears are naturally curious animals, so stories of bears getting various human-made objects like jars, containers and other things stuck on their anatomy are not too uncommon. Sometimes these large furry creatures will even knock on your door and make themselves at home if they're in need of their next snack from your garbage.

New York State DEC Seeks Black Bear With Object Stuck On Its Head

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is looking for a black bear with a tin object stuck on its head in the area around Newark Valley, New York. WIVT-TV reports that the animal has had the tin object stuck on its head for four days, though attempts to rescue it have so far been unsuccessful.

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WIVT-TV reports that the last time wildlife rescuers tried to free the bear was Thursday evening in Tioga County.

Offcials did not disclose exactly how the bear got stuck, though they urge the public to contact the NY State DEC at (315)426-7431, or the Wildlife dispatch at (607)753-3095 as soon as possible if they have information.

The NY DEC estimates that 50 to 60% percent of black bears in the state inhabit the Adirondack region, with around 35& in the Catskills. Bears are also now well established in many other areas of the state, including Tug Hill, the Hudson Valley, and across the Southern Tier region, according to wildlife offcials.

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