Two very popular restaurants in New York State are considered two of the "Most Legendary Restaurants in the World."

Taste Atlas recently highlighted the 150 Most Legendary Restaurants in the World.

"These are not just places to grab a meal, but destinations in their own right, comparable to the world’s most famous museums, galleries and monuments. Each one has withstood the test of time, eschewing trendy gimmicks in favor of traditional, high-quality cuisine," Taste Atlas states.


The travel website had its reporters travel the world and dine in small restaurant, family-run eateries, and award-winning establishments to craft the list.

You'll have to travel to Vienna, Austria and dine at Figlmüller to enjoy the world's most legendary restaurant.

But you won't have to leave New York State to enjoy the world's second-most legendary restaurant.

2. Katz's Delicatessen, New York City


The iconic Katz's Deli known for its iconic Pastrami on rye was ranked second.

Katz's Delicatessen opened up in New York City in 1888.

"Since its establishment in 1888, the eatery has served up quintessential NYC cuisine, with their pastrami on rye sandwich achieving iconic status. The dish's perfectly cured, smoked, and seasoned pastrami stacked high on rye bread has won over generations of diners," Taste Atlas states about Katz's Deli.

New York's Famed Carnegie Deli Set To Close At End Of The Year
Drew Angerer

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Hudson Valley Post recently reported on Katz's Delicatessen being honored by Far & Wide for making one of "the Absolute Best Sandwiches in the U.S."

Katz's Delicatessen Makes Best Sandwich In New York

The 25th most legendary restaurant is also found in New York City.

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25. Peter Luger Steak House

Peter Luger Steak House opened up in Brooklyn in 1887, one year before Katz's Deli. Its most iconic dish is the  Dry-aged porterhouse



"The dish, renowned for its exceptional tenderness and rich flavor, epitomizes the quintessential American steakhouse experience and makes Peter Luger Steak House one of its greatest ambassadors," Taste Atlas adds.

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The Daily Meal recently ranked the porterhouse at Peter Luger's in Brooklyn, New York the 20th "Most Iconic Meal in the United States."

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