At least one person is dead following a multi-vehicle accident on Interstate 84. Police say the highway near the accident will be closed until at least this evening.

New York State Police are investigating a motor vehicle crash that occurred around 12:30 Wednesday on I-84 west near Exit 5 in Montgomery.

According to Orange County Emergency Management there are multiple serious injuries, and as of this writing, one confirmed death.

Orange and Rockland County Fire reports the accident involved five cars and two tractor trailers, with confirmed injuries, possible entrapments, and at least two people heavily entrapped in one vehicle.

There are reports of at least four MEDIVAC helicopters on the scene along with multiple local emergency responders and Orange County HazMat.

The public is advised to avoid the area until at least 6:00 p.m. I-84 West is closed at the scene of the accident with traffic being diverted off the highway at exit 5-A, (Stewart International Airport/HWY 747).

Wednesday’s crash is at almost the same spot as Monday’s crash that involved multiple cars and a tractor-trailer.

Both crashes occurred on I-84 where two lanes merge to one due to roadwork at a construction zone.

We will continue to update this story when more information becomes available.

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