The Hudson Valley is not short on places that have delicious doughnuts but where can we find ones that are gluten free?

More and more people are going gluten free these days whether it's by choice or out of necessity. Some may have difficulty digesting whole grains while others may not be able to handle it at all because of celiac disease. According to the Mayo Clinic, Celiac disease is a sensitivity to gluten which causes damage to the small intestine and prevents nutrients to be absorbed.

My wife has developed to a slight intolerance to gluten but it's extremely difficult to curb your eating habits once you're older. It's also tough living in the Hudson Valley that has so many good bakeries with amazing bagels, breads and doughnuts.

We really haven't seen many places that have a gluten free option for doughnuts specifically.

One of the best options we've seen so far is from Peaceful Provisions in Westchester County. They were previously offered in Peekskill but now the doughnuts are only made to order and can be picked up at Black Cow Coffee in Croton-On-Hudson.

Do you know another bakery in the Hudson Valley area that sell gluten free doughnuts?

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