The holiday season is here and that means it’s time to decorate. If you have already started decorating then you are super ahead on me, props to you. I have some of my decorations up and I need to add a few more pieces. I look forward to decorating ever year; it brings a sense of stillness and calm. Finding old decorations brings back those feel good memories.

I have learned many things over the years and the first and foremost are safety tips from my dad. It’s not every day that we get to learn things from a hero so I soak it all up when possible. I have also done my research as well to be extra cautious during the holiday season in and outside of my home. Here are some helpful tips to keep yourself and your loved ones safe this holiday season.

  • Lights

As we pull out our holiday from previous years, take an extra look at them. Make sure that the cords are still intact and that the bulbs are also in good condition. Be sure to toss any cords that are damaged and or frayed. Turn off holiday lights when you aren’t going to be home for a few hours. Also, keep lights and cords up and off the ground so pets cannot get to them.

  • Cooking

I feel like I need to be more mindful when it comes to cooking. As we all have learned, never leave something cooking on the stove, right? I find myself multi-tasking while cooking but I’m working on being in kitchen while something is on the stove. During the holiday season, we may be in the kitchen more this month so it’s important to remember this simple rule.

  • Candles

I admit it; I sometimes leave my candles unattended. However, I am getting into the habit of blowing my candles out when I leave the room. I have also invested in battery operated, holiday themed candles as well, they’re super pretty.

  • Chimneys and fireplaces

I love gazing into those warm fireplaces, it’s so relaxing. I’m also here to remind you to get your chimney and or fireplaces checked/cleaned at least once a year. Sometimes we forget about things until we start using them again. It’s super important to stay up on maintaining these two, especially during the winter months when they might be used more frequently.


  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors 

It seems as if we have all been home more during this year, which isn’t so bad. This is the perfect opportunity to check on things around your home. It only takes a few minutes to check  your smoke alarms and CO detectors. These two should be checked to see if they’re working property at least once a month. The batteries should also be checked at least once every 6 months.

  • Space heaters

Space heaters are really convenient when we want to warm up a room. It’s also very important to make sure they are running properly and are not left on for long periods of time. DO NOT plug a space heater into an extension cord or power strip. If you are using a space heater, be sure to read about the proper way to use them to be safe.

  • Christmas trees

I miss getting a real tree but it seems to bother my allergies. My cats also loved the presence of a real Christmas tree which wasn’t the greatest, ha-ha. Another important safety tip to remember during the holidays is to always WATER your tree to avoid fires. Be sure to keep your Christmas tree away from flammable products as well.

I hope that these safety tips were helpful during the holiday season. It’s important to keep ourselves, loved ones and pets safe while we celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. Feel free to add your own personal safety tips to comments selection below. Enjoy!

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