The map has been made and the list has been published. The results for the most popular Christmas Treat by state has been revealed. You can question it but it seems that the folks at Zippia have done their research and are fairly sure they have nailed down favorite Christmas treats by state.

Just reading the results are making me hungry accepts for a few states the seem stuck in 1972 which I think is the first time I tasted fruit cake. It maybe hard to believe that in this day and age that fruit cake still makes the list but it does in two states on the east coast. Fruit cake is not yummy, just my opinion. I don't care how much rum it is soaked in the fruit still tastes weird.

Luckily other delicious foods have made the list like yule log cakes, gingerbread cookies and cheesecake. As a matter of fact cheesecake end-up being the top pick in New York. No surprise if you have ever had a slice of Junior's Cheese Cake. According to Zippia there are 9 states that pick cheese cake as their top Christmas treat.

Other notables from the survey are that Vegan Christmas cookies were searched for in both California and Missouri, but only end up as the favorite in Missouri. Alaska, you might have thought would pick Hot Chocolate, which won out in Arizona, instead Alaska went with M & M's. Pudding made it's way down the Mississippi River region until it left Tennessee and traveled into Mississippi where it bumped into Red Velvet cake my personal favorite.

If you are curious how Zippia comes up with their results it is very simple. Check in here to see how they did the math but if I may paraphrase they just follow the trail of treats we leave when we are google searching for the holidays.

Some Hudson Valley places you can order Cheese cake for the Holidays

Map favorite-christmas-treat via Zippia
photo credit: Map favorite-christmas-treat via Zippia


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