A new holiday movie is set to start filming in a "cozy" Upstate New York hometown and you can be a part of it!

Candice Cain, the president of Gemelli Films took to Facebook to confirm filming of A Jar Full of Christmas in Lake Placid, New York.

"Heartwarming" Christmas Movie Filming In Lake Placid, New York

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Candice Cain is also known as "Candy" Cain, according to Gemelli films.

Shooting Plan For Dec. 4 to Dec. 21

Shooting is scheduled to take place in Lake Placid between Dec. 4 to Dec. 21.

"In Lake Placid, NY Rose inherits her mom's home, reuniting her with her childhood friend Summer. Sparks fly with old pal Everett, and the trio uses Rose's mom's jam recipe to save the town church, blending nostalgia, love, and community," IMDB states about the film.

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Cain is the writer and director of the film which stars Brooke Burfitt, Jason Frederick, Kenney Myers, and Cara Maria Sorbello. Yes, that Cara Maria from reality TV fame.

If you are a fan of MTV's The Challenge, you'll probably recognize the name Cara Maria Sorbello.

The Challenge XXX: Ultimate Fan Experience
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I'm a huge fan of the show which is now airing its 39th season. I've seen every season and was excited to see Cara Maria's name. Cara Maria is also slated to make a special appearance later this season on The Challenge.

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New York State Residents Wanted


Cain is looking to hire New York State residents to work on the film.

She's looking to hire for Grip, Key Grip, Wardrobe Assistant, Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, Production Assistant, 1st Assistant Director, Sound and more.

However, only people who have transportation or housing in Lake Placid or the surrounding area should apply.

CLICK HERE to apply.

Gemelli Films is based in Long Island. The company specializes in creating "heartwarming and family-friendly entertainment" movies.

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