It's time to get the Christmas tree up and pull out the box of ornaments and lights and start decorating. What kind of tree are you decorating? A real tree or an artificial?

We've bounced back and forth over the years between a real tree and a fake one. We went through a period of years where we would go to the tree farm the day after Thanksgiving and tag the tree we wanted that year. It was a cool experience for the kids and we got to cut it down and make an event out of it.

The downside of getting a real tree every year is, obviously the needles, but what we found is that there are certain kinds of trees that we ended up being allergic to. I remember specifically one year getting the tree set in the stand and leveling it, then I looked at my arms and they were covered in hives and all red, good times...Either way, I've reached the point where I'd rather not deal with random allergic break-outs and should probably stick to an artificial tree.

This year we took advantage of a Black Friday sale and got a great deal on an artificial tree. This thing is great, it's pre-lit with LED light and has a button to change from color lights to white light and it flashes and does all these fancy things and took like five minutes to set up. Making the investment and getting a fake tree, I hope to use it for years to come unless we upgrade homes and require a bigger tree of course.

Do you prefer your tree to be real or fake for Christmas? Leave your comments below.

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