We ❤ Tuxedo Park!

Every Monday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we start up a new week by spinning our "wheel O' towns" t help us pick out a brand new Wolf hometown of the week. Our "wheel" has twenty different spots on it and every Monday at 6:45 a.m. we invite one lucky caller to pick out a town, if it lands on the town they pick we hook them up with a prize.

This week Charlie called in and picked Tuxedo Park as his lucky town and after Jess gave the wheel a spin...BOOM it landed on Tuxedo Park and we have a new hometown of the week!! If you've never been to Tuxedo or Tuxedo Park, let's get to know them both a little bit better.

Were Tuxedos Invented in Tuxedo, New York?

Lenny texted us that his grandfather always told him that the formal wear know as a "tux" was invented and made famous in Tuxedo by some really rich guy's back in the late 1800's. Vinny texted us that, "Tuxedos were invented in 1865 so it is a good possibility." According to Business Insider, "many attribute the creation of the tuxedo to wealthy American aristocrats attending the Autumn Ball in Tuxedo Park, New York, the garment actually dates back to 1865 and Edward VII (then the Prince of Wales)."

New York Renaissance Faire

AHZA!!! Tuxedo is home every year to the Renaissance Faire that brings days of the past back to life. Most years folks dress up as queens, maids, pirates, kings and other great characters from back in the day. The Renaissance Faire is in its 43rd season this year and is open weekends now through October 3rd.

Celebrities That Called Tuxedo Home, Sort Of

Ree in Pine Bush texted us that "Tuxedo Park is a super small, beautiful gated community with big beautiful homes, some celebrities love there, I know Whoopi Goldberg had/has a place in there. Actor Barry Bostwick, who played the Mayor on the TV series "Spin City" once called Tuxedo Park home. Singer Cyndi Lauper was rumored to spend time singing songs near the gates to the gated village.

Gated Community

Tuxedo Park is a gated community that according to Wikipedia includes three lakes, and about 330 houses all set behind some high walls and fences.

Forest of Fear

After the Renaissance Faire is done, most years the surrounding area transforms into the Forest of Fear, a Halloween themed attraction that scares guests just in time for trick-or-treating! No word yet on if the Forest of Fear will return for 2021, but if and when they announce, we will update this article.

Skiing No More

Tuxedo was home to the Sterling Forest Ski Center, it was also called the Tuxedo Ridge Ski Resort for many years and in the winter the resort would offer guests an affordable way to ski closer to New York City than anywhere else. According to a bunch of reviews on Trip Advisor, the resort has been closed for a few years.

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