We ❤ Rock Hill!

Every Monday on the Wakin' Up With CJ and Jess Show, we start up a brand new week by picking out one town in the Hudson Valley, or Connecticut to celebrate. We call it the Wolf "Hometown of the Week" and each week we ask one fan of the show to call in and pick one town on the "wheel O' towns" if it lands on the town they pick, they win!

For the first time I had the privilege of spinning the wheel myself and after a "Price is Right" type spin, the wheel landed on Rock Hill, New York. sop let's learn about Rock Hill.

It's a Hamlet Not A Town

This happens often with the Hometown of the Week! Thanks to Steve from Rock Hill, who texted us that he doesn't want to be "that guy", BUT Rock Hill is in the town of Thompson. LOL! Thank you Steve.

Hiking, Beer & Waterfalls

KJ texted us, "Morning CJ I grew up in rock Hill and I’m a member of the Fire departments Lady’s Aux. Have a Beer at Dutch's it’s been there for 70 years. Eat at the Brew and go hiking down in the Gorge. There are some Beautiful waterfalls on the trail. Just make sure you stay on the path and follow the markers or else Harold Hoyt (My Dad) will have to held find you. Since he growing up hiking those tails he’s 81."

Four Lakes

According to Wikipedia, Rock Hill has 4 main lakes including, Wanaksink Lake, Treasure Lake, Wolf Lake and Lake Louise Marie. Probably some great fishing out in Rock Hill as well.

Sullivan County's SPCA

The home of the Sullivan County SPCA is located in Rock Hill. Chris called us and let us know that they are in desperate need of forever homes for pets and donations at the SPCA. He told us that Kathy the manger, does a GREAT job helping all pets! If you'd like to help, check them out online here.

Housing BOOM

According to a few real estate folks in the Hudson Valley, the housing market in Rock Hill has exploded since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, with houses selling way faster than ever before. Experts say houses are reasonably priced and just far enough away from New York City.

If you call Rock Hill home, or have ever been, call or text us anything we should know about Rock Hill through the Wolf app.

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