A fire that broke out where HBO was filming in the Hudson Valley left three families displaced and destroyed a local car dealership.

The Ellenville Police Department responded to a fire at the 613 Automotive Group on South Main Streete in Ellenville just before 1 a.m. Thursday.

Arriving officers reported the fire spread rapidly and the car dealership was fully engulfed in flames. The Ellenville Fire Department called on for help from many other fire departments.

The blaze was put out around 10 a.m. Route 209 from Oak Ridge Road and Center Street in Ellenville was closed until 11:30 a.m.

Following an investigation by a building inspector and police, it was ruled the auto dealership was completely destroyed.

About 20 vintage cars and many pieces of film equipment that were being used by HBO filming in the area were also destroyed, police say.

The families of three nearby homes were relocated as a result of the damage done by the fire, according to Ellenville police.

"The absolutely amazing thing to come out of this atrocity of disaster is the fact that not one firefighter, law enforcement officer or civilian was injured, Ellenville Chief Philip S. Mattracion said in a press release.

Odom.TV shared an amazing video of the massive blaze on their Facebook.

The auto dealership is being used for an HBO miniseries starring Mark Ruffalo and Melissa Leo.

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