Two Dunkin' locations in the Hudson Valley are closed for good.

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It appears two Dunkin' locations in Kingston have closed down.

The Dunkin' located at 575 Broadway in Kingston has closed for good. According to Facebook, the Broadway location is "permanently closed."

Last week, after Hudson Valley Post wrote on an article about a number of businesses closing, a reader informed us the Dunkin' location at 295 Wall Street in Kingston also closed down.

Facebook now also lists the Wall Street Dunkin' as "permanently closed." Hudson Valley Post tried to call both locations, but there was no answer. However, employees did pick up when Hudson Valley Post called other Dunkin' locations in Kingston.

In early July, Hudson Valley Post reported on five other Dunkin' locations that are closing in the near future. Dunkin' confirmed plans to close 450 locations, mostly on the East Coast, by the end of 2020. All of the Dunkin' closures are stores located inside Speedway gas stations.

In the Hudson Valley, there are Dunkin' stores inside Speedway locations in Highland, New Windsor, Saugerties, and in Kingston according to Google Maps. In New York, there are also locations in Hudson, Norwich and Margaretville.

Most remain open as of July, but the closures are still expected by the end of this year, officials say.

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