People get angry. Sometimes they lose their cool in public. And sometimes it's over the most trivial reasons. And with the many extraordinary events of the past year and a half or so, people everywhere appear to be angrier than ever. Ever witnessed a meltdown at your local Burger King because the service was too slow? Perhaps they really want French Fries? Ever seen a case road rage turn into actual fisticuffs?

Recently, a man took out his frustrations at Dunkin Donuts over a mask mandate by pulling it all out and urinating all over the counter in front of him. CTV News says the public pisser is still currently at large, as officials investigate the messy encounter. Then, there was this wild brawl at a Mcdonald's  back in June? The brawl reportedly all started because a customer wanted three different slushy flavors all mixed together. The video of the encounter has circulated all over social media, showing the irate 44-year-old customer screaming at and confronting the restaurant employees behind the counter. An employee can be heard telling the others to call the cops.

A month earlier, police say a fight between two women broke out in the potato chip aisle at a Walmart location. PIX 11 is reporting that a woman was arrested after she allegedly smacked another woman in the face with a 10-pound log of prepackaged meat. Officials did not go into detail how she was able to muster the strength to swing such a big piece of meat, but it must have been quite the sight to behold that fateful afternoon. 19 News says the meat beater was arrested and charged with assault and violating a protection order.

Share your stories. What's the craziest display of bad behavior in public you've ever witnessed? Perhaps, you were one of the people involved? Maybe you even threw the first punch?

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