Dutchess County has been busy replacing traffic lights with roundabouts. Just as one circle is nearing completion another is ready to break ground.

Studies have shown that traffic circles not only save drivers time but are also safer for motorists. Municipalities throughout the Hudson Valley have embraced the idea of traffic roundabouts and have been building them in areas that have become overly congested. Even the most resistant drivers have eventually come around and agree that replacing outdated traffic patterns with traffic circles has made their commute much less stressful.

Currently, the Town of Wappinger traffic circle at Route 376 and All Angels Hill Road is under construction. The circle just recently opened but is still very much a construction zone. Once complete, the five million dollar project is expected to turn one of the area's most frustrating intersections into a smooth-running ballet of cars easily transitioning from one road to the next.


Because of the success of projects like the Route 376 circle, the Town of East Fishkill has announced its very first traffic circle project. Supervisor Nicholas D'Alessandro announced this week that the roundabout will be constructed at the intersection of Patriot Way and Route 52 near John Jay High School. Formerly known as Auditorium Drive, Patriot way has become busier over the past few years thanks to commercial and residential development.

D'Alessandro says that the new traffic pattern, along with the new John Jay Student Drop-off, will help solve traffic congestion problems on Route 52. It's also expected to make accessing the high school and other businesses and homes in the area much easier.

aerial view of roundabout in wroclaw city

A groundbreaking for the new project is scheduled to take place on Thursday, June 16 during the evening rush hour. It's unclear when construction will begin, but updates and traffic alerts will be posted by the town in the coming weeks.

The Best Hudson Valley Traffic Circles

A traffic circle is a great way to direct traffic. Gone are the red lights. Instead there is a yield sign and traffic moving in unison. I have always been a fan of the traffic circle as appose to a light and intersection. I will admit though for people who aren't use to driving in them they can be pretty intimidating. You have to think of them as a revolving door for cars. Of course I know a lot of people who can't navigate a revolving door. Here are few traffic circles that I enjoy using in the Hudson Valley.

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