Here is our seventh most-read story of 2023. Upstate New York Counties Declare State Of Emergency

A State of Emergency has been declared in a number of more counties in the Hudson Valley.

Last week, Orange and Rockland counties each declared a State of Emergency over New York City's migrant relocation plan.

State Of Emergency Declared In Orange, Rockland Counties

Steve Neuhaus
Steve Neuhaus

Migrants were bussed to a hotel in Newburgh, New York days after Orange County declared its State of Emergency. The State of Emergency in Orange County was extended this week.

State Of Declared In Dutchess, Greene, Sullivan Counties

On Thursday, Dutchess, Sullivan and Greene counties all declared a State of Emergency as asylum seekers continue to arrive in New York City.

"We do not have the physical rooms or supporting capacity to house an influx of asylum seekers," Greene County officials said. "Most rural counties like Greene are not equipped to handle an immigration influx. Transferring the responsibilities that NYC has as a Sanctuary City to rural upstate counties is wrong and amounts to human trafficking."

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Officials in Greene are blaming the crisis on poor federal policies in combination with New York City's "mismanagement" of migrants. They claim Greene is "incapable" of housing the volume of new arrivals that New York City intends to deliver.

"The Emergency order has been declared due to failed Federal Policy(ies) together with New York City’s mismanagement and/or underestimation of the impact of inviting “asylum seekers” to the city, resulting in New York City planning to relocate many migrants and asylum seekers to counties, outside of and nearby New York City; including Greene County," Greene County added.

Officials across the Hudson Valley say they issued a State of Emergency because of New York City's plans to send migrants to other parts of the state.

State Of Emergency In Dutchess County

Dutchess County Executive William O'Neal says the State of Emergency was issued following reports that New York City is planning on sending migrants to the Red Roof Inn in the City of Poughkeepsie.

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Sullivan County Declares State Of Emergency


Sullivan County also declared a State of Emergency on Thursday.

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Officials say the county has a "severe housing crisis" so the county isn't capable of receiving migrants from New York City or elsewhere.

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