A New York Yankees outfield slugger has shocked New Yorkers by revealing his "favorite meal." What are your thoughts?

A few minutes before the Major League Baseball trade deadline, the New York Yankees made a shocking trade. The Yankees acquired outfielder Harrison Bader and a player to be named later or cash considerations, from the St. Louis Cardinals in exchange for Jordan Montgomery.

Shocking New York Yankees Trade Brings Hudson Valley Resident 'Home'

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The lefty starting pitcher was a homegrown Yankee. Many Yankee fans were shocked the club traded a homegrown, reliable, starting pitcher for the injured Cardinals outfielder. At the time of the trade, Bader was on the injured list with plantar fasciitis, in a walking boot.

Making the trader appear worse was the fact that Montgomery get off to a great start in St. Louis while Bader recovered from his injury.

Bader is from Westchester County, New York. Bader was born in Bronxville, New York, and grew up in the Town of Eastchester. Hader grew up a fan of the New York Yankees while playing Little League in Westchester County.

At the time of the trade, Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman said the team was confident the speedy centerfielder with elite defensive skills would be available sometime in late September and in the postseason. Hader, 28, is also under contract for next season. He won a Gold Glove last year.

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Hudson Valley Man Now Beloved By New York Yankee Fans

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Once Bader got off the injured list fans quickly saw why the Hudson Valley native was targeted by the New York Yankees. However, the meal he gets daily is making many New Yorkers question him off the field.

Yankees 'Overnight Babe Ruth' Shocks New York With 'Favorite Meal'

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