A plane crash with many on board and a potential tornado led to a deadly and dangerous day in one Upstate New York county.

A potential tornado killed at least one person just outside the Hudson Valley on Sunday.

Potential Tornado Kills At Upstate New York Campground


According to the Eastern Dutchess County Fire and Rescue Facebook page, a "tornado" touched down at the Russell Brook Campground in Delaware County, New York on Sunday just before 12:30 p.m.

The campground in Roscoe, New York, is "one of New York's most naturally beautiful campgrounds," located in a "secluded valley, high in the Catskill Mountains," according to the campground's website.

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Fatal Weather At  Roscoe, New York Campground


The Eastern Dutchess County Fire Rescue department reported multiple people were trapped after the potential tornado ripped through the campground and at least one person was dead.

Congressman Marc Molinaro confirmed that at least one person died.

"Monitoring reports of a tornado touching down in Delaware County. We’re learning of at least one fatality, loss of power, and significant property damage. I’m in contact with county leaders and requesting support from state and federal agencies," Molinaro stated.

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The National Weather Service has yet to confirm a tornado.

Plane Crash In Delaware County, New York


About two hours later a plane crashed in the same Upstate New York county. Multiple people called 911 reporting a plane in distress that appeared to be going down.

Around 2:30 p.m., the National Weather Service in Binghamton released a "spot forecast request" for a plane in Town of Masonville in Delaware County.

The small plane was carrying at least five people. It left from Albert S. Nader Regional Airport in Oneonta, New York, the New York Times reports.



Pieces of the aircraft have been found, but as of this writing, the plane hasn't been found.

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There are also no reports on the location, passengers, injuries, or fatalities.

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