The changing of the clock can cause many issues.

On Sunday, New York State fell back in time with the end of Daylight-Saving Time.

Clock Change Causes Health Effects


Doctors typically agree it's harder for our bodies to spring forward than fall back. However, our bodies don't like falling back, even if we do get than extra hour of sleep.

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But do you really get an extra hour of sleep? Anyone with children or pets will tell you that an extra hour of sleep is never gained.

Or, maybe your internal clock wakes you up around the time your alarm would normally go off.

ike me on Monday. I woke up about one hour before my alarm clock. Because my internal clock wasn't adjusted for the time change and my body was used to getting up around that time for work.

Stressful For The Body

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Doctors say it's very stressful for our bodies when the outside world, or clock, doesn't match up with our internal clock.

Clock changes can disrupt our sleep, metabolism and stress levels.

Depression due to the lack of sunlight is also a major concern when it comes to falling back.

Who Struggles The Most

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Children tend to struggle the most when it comes to a time change, officials say.

Also, people who sleep in short cycles, think four to five hours a night, or people who wake up very early, like me.

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Exercise Helps

Go For a Walk
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Exercise and walking outside when it's light out can help you reset your internal clock. Doctors agree that exercise tells your body when to be active and when to unwind which will help your body adapt much faster to the change.

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Test Your Smoke Alarms

Testing your smoke alarms can help prevent a tragedy in your home if there's a fire, officials note.

The American Red Cross recommends using Daylight saving time as a reminder to test all the smoke alarms in your home.

Be Cautious While Driving

Triple A is also reminding drivers to be extra cautious while driving. With the clocks getting turned back one hour it will result in fewer daylight hours.



Triple A says drivers may face sun glare that they don't usually deal with during their morning commutes in the near future.

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