It was the hottest story this week and the whispers are LOUD.

If you've been living under a rock, Miranda Lambert got married. She shared the news on Instagram following Valentine's Day. She shared a picture of her and her new, non-famous, husband Brendan McLoughlin. The two got married on January 26th in Nashville.

Over the last few days we've learned a ton about Brendan. Maybe a little too much.

First the juicy stuff. Brendan's past love life is a messy one. Reports say he's been engaged before, but cheated on that fiance with another woman...and got her pregnant. Brendan became a father in November of 2018. We also hear that Brendan and Miranda met during her Pistol Annie's show in NYC on November 2nd.

Sketchy timeline, for sure.

However, it's not up to us to judge others. What I'm more concerned about is Brendan and Miranda's long distance relationship.

Currently Brendan is still working as an NYPD police officer in Times Square. Miranda is obviously writing and recording in Nashville.

Long distance rarely works. So why doesn't Miranda move to the Hudson Valley? We have a ton of farm land. She's big into horses and her farming, so do it New York style. Plus we have a ton of artsy towns like Beacon, Kingston and Rhinebeck that can feed her artistic lifestyle. Need to write or record? We have studios for that too.

Brendan can continue to protect and serve in the city while Miranda holds it down and churns out a bunch of great country music from the Hudson Valley.

Cut that long distance into a 90 minute car ride to and from work and the McLoughlin/Lamberts will live happily ever after.


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