Deising's Bakery in Kingston gave us a taste of its viral John Oliver Bear Cake and yes, we ate it ass-first.

The hottest-selling dessert in the Hudson Valley is a cake with the face of a talk show host and the body of a chocolate bear. The John Oliver Bear Cake has been flying off shelves ever since Deising's Bakery was challenged to sell it during Sunday's episode of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver.


John Oliver Challenges Kingston Bakery

In a highly publicized stunt earlier this month, Oliver turned his studio into a makeshift Red Lobster restaurant after successfully bidding on the furniture and kitchen equipment from the now-closed restaurant in the Town of Ulster.

During this week's episode, Oliver shared footage of a local interview with Eric Deising of Deising's Bakery in Kingston. The business owner was disappointed that he was outbid on some much-needed equipment by the talk show host, requesting he donate it after Oliver was finished using it.

The talk show host decided to seize the opportunity and challenge the Kingston bakery to create one of their famous bear cake desserts with Oliver's face on it. If they would put it on sale at the bakery, Oliver agreed to buy them the equipment they needed.

Deising's Kingston NY
A. Boris

The John Oliver Cake Bear Quickly Sells Out

Eric Deising and his nephew, Peter paid a visit to the Boris & Robyn Show on Tuesday to talk about how their lives have changed over the past 48 hours. According to Eric, the restaurant did not get a heads-up from the show that they would be featured on Sunday's broadcast. Peter said he woke up to thousands of alerts on his phone and, as the show promised, only learned about the challenge after seeing the sign that was actually posted to their door on Monday morning.

Deising's quickly created the John Oliver cake and baked 80 of the bears on Monday morning. They instantly sold out.

How Does the John Oliver Bear Taste?

Eric and Peter were kind enough to bring a few samples of the John Oliver cake along with them and they were everything we hoped they would be.

A. Boris
A. Boris

When challenging the bakery, Oliver noted the bear cake's ample bottom and requested Deising not to hold back when creating his namesake dessert. Deising's did not disappoint, giving the John Oliver bear cake an extra-wide behind. Oliver promised that he would eat the bear "ass first", so that's exactly what we did.

Anyone who's ever been to Deising's knows how delicious their cakes are, and the John Oliver bear cake was no exception. the moist, chocolate cake is topped with chocolate mousse and a thin layer of ganache, which makes this pastry simply melt in your mouth.

And yes, for those of you who were wondering, the John Oliver head is edible.

A. Boris
A. Boris

Deising says that anyone who wants a bear cake should call ahead to reserve one.  They will continue to bake them around the clock to keep up with demand until at least this weekend when the bakery and restaurant will be busy preparing for its annual Father's Day buffet.

After that, Eric says it's possible that the bear may return if demand keeps up. What we do know is that Deising is seizing the opportunity to do some good within the community. All of the proceeds from the $8 John Oliver cakes will be donated to the People's Place, a food pantry and thrift store serving Kingston residents.

Expect Another Appearance on Last Week Tonight

It's likely you'll see Deising's Bakery on HBO once again this Sunday evening. The Kingston bakery has created an extra-large version of the John Oliver cake with an extra-large rear end that they hope will be showcased on next weekend's episode. While Eric says he's grateful for the publicity and the new restaurant equipment, he would be even more excited if Oliver would join him in Kingston to help hand over the donation to The People's Place.

We'll have to stay tuned to see if that happens.

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