Ten of the past 12 weekends have been washed out in the Hudson Valley. A weather expert tells us why.

The Hudson Valley and many parts of New York State dealt with another wet weekend.

Wet Weather In New York State Hurting Many Businesses


The wet weather is a disappointment to everyone but is really hurting local businesses and farmers who rely on good fall weather.

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Farmers in the Hudson Valley report that fall business, like apple picking and pumpkin gathering, is down around 40 percent this year.

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Another Wet Weekend In New York State

Heavy Rains Cause Flash Flooding In Parts Of New York City
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It did end up raining on Saturday in the Hudson Valley. Which marked the fifth straight Saturday with rain. The soggy Saturday streak started back on Sept. 23, according to Hudson Valley meteorologist Ben Noll.

In fact, rainy weather has spoiled 10 out of the last 12 weekends across the Hudson Valley.

Saturday's rain also caused massive issues with Metro-North.

Mudslide Cancels Many Trains In Hudson Valley

Power Outage Affects MTA Subway Service Citywide
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Heavy rain on Saturday triggered a significant mudslide that covered a portion of the tracks used by Metro-North trains on the Hudson Line between Tarrytown and the Croton-Harmon station.

Metro-North Service was suspended between Tarrytown and Croton-Harmon and Croton-Harmon and Poughkeepsie while Amtrak trains between New York City and Albany were also canceled over the weekend.

Metro-North says its Hudson Line will operate on a near-normal schedule on Monday.

Why Is It Raining So Much In The Hudson Valley

Heavy Rains Cause Flash Flooding In Parts Of New York City
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Hudson Valley meteorologist Ben Noll took to Facebook to try and explain why it's rained for five straight Saturdays.

"The soggy Saturday streak started back on September 23rd," Noll wrote on Facebook. " Why does it keep raining on the weekend? The pattern that we’re in involves an active jet stream from the Pacific Ocean to the United States. Along this fast-flowing air stream, it takes storms 5-7 days to track from the North Pacific Ocean to the Northeast U.S. — right now, the 5-7 day periodicity just-so-happens to coincide with our weekends!"

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It's still too early to fully tell, but as of this writing, the weekend weather looks great for this coming Saturday in the Hudson Valley!

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