When does mowing your lawn in New York State start to do more harm than good?

On Wednesday, I went to my parent's house to mow their lawn. As I do throughout the spring, summer and fall.

When Should You Stop Mowing Your  Lawn In New York State?

Frustrated Guy mows his Lawn

With temperatures starting to get colder, I wondered how much longer should I keep mowing.

A quick Google search gave me the answers I was looking for, via Mowers Direct.

"By November, however, most homeowners can't wait to put the lawnmower away and take a break from cutting the grass," Dale V, a "Lawn Mower Expert," writes for Mowers Direct. "But giving up on your lawn prematurely can have adverse effects. If your grass is still growing, then it still needs to be mowed and maintained, even into the fall—even after the first light snowfall!

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New York State Has Cool-Season Grass

A man holds a lawn mower for the handle.

New York State and all states in the northern part of the United States have "cool-season" grass. Cool-season grass typically grows more in the spring and fall while warm-season grass grows more in the summer, according to Mowers Direct.

Both types stop growing once a certain the temperature dips below a certain number.

Grass In New York State Stops Growing At 45 Degrees

Cool-season grass, like the grass found in New York State stops growing once the soil temperature dips to about 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

When To Stop Mowing In New York State


Despite some 45-degree days, you still shouldn't put the lawn mower away.

It's fine to stop mowing after the air temperature consistently stays below 50 degrees in your hometown.

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"This means that you might keep cutting all the way into late November, even if there happens to be one strange day when the temperature briefly dips before rising," Dale V adds.

I'm writing this article on Oct. 19. The extended weather forecast for the Hudson Valley goes until Nov. 2, and temps won't consistently stay below 50 degrees.

So, I guess this means New Yorkers will be mowing our lawns until around Thanksgiving.

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