The calendar may officially say Spring, but "wet snow" is in the forecast for the Hudson Valley.

Before Spring arrived, many in the Hudson Valley enjoyed a few days when it felt like late spring. Temperatures reached near 70 degrees!

Is It Really Spring In New York?


On Tuesday, parts of New York State and the Hudson Valley dealt with some scattered flurries or wet snow.

Spring officially sprung in New York just after 11 p.m. on Tuesday.

Wednesday brought freezing temperatures and more snow to parts of the region. Living in Newburgh, I was pretty surprised to see some snowflakes.

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"Period Of Wet Snow" Forecast For Hudson Valley


That could pale in comparison to this weekend.

It was freezing during my drive to work Thursday morning. It was just around 30 degrees in the Hudson Valley around 5 a.m.

Hudson Valley Weather says this arctic air "sets the stage for a potential winter weather event for Friday night and Saturday."

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Hudson Valley Weather believes there could be a "period of wet snow" that should develop Friday night into Saturday.

The trusted local weather source says the Hudson Valley could see " a couple of inches of wet snow" before a change to soaking rain.


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