You'd think a wedding would be a happy occasion worth of celebration? However, showing up to a wedding completely uninvited may not sit so well with family members.

A New York state man is facing assault charges after police say a massive brawl broke out at a wedding late Monday. The situation was so out of control, that one venue spokesperson told ABC "in our almost 35 years of operations, a situation of this type has never happened."

Police Say Brawl Broke Out at Wedding 

ABC says that it all started when an uninvited guest showed up to the reception at a catering hall Monday evening in Suffolk County. Police said they witnessed "several skirmishes" amongst  the more than one hundred guests in attendance .

During this nasty nuptials, the bride's 22-year-old brother bit an officer on the arm and punched them in the face, according to the New York Post.

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ABC says the family of the man claims the wedding crasher brought a gun to the venue, though police say they have found no evidence of that. Suffolk Police say it took them almost 40 minutes to get the wedding fisticuffs under control.


NBC NY says that several different departments and precincts were called to break up the fight(s).

Police Say Road Rage Incident Lead to Brawl at Hudson Valley McDonald's

Police say a fight in the parking lot of a local McDonald's led to one person "suffering serious physical injuries." According to authorities, it all started because of road rage.

Saugerties Police said in a press release that a 31-year-old suspect turned himself over to authorities in July after the incident from late June. Saugerties Police said that they had responded to a fight in progress in the parking lot of a McDonald’s restaurant on Route 212 in the Town of Saugerties.

An investigation determined that the fight started because of a road rage incident on Ulster Avenue that night. Police say this culminated in a Grimace-sized smackdown between the suspect and victim.

The suspect fled the scene before police arrived, though he turned himself over to authorities.

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