Wedding season is upon us. How many more times will we be subjected to dance to terrible music? These songs need to be banned for life from every wedding DJ's playlist.

It's happening. Weddings are taking place almost every weekend. I'm even getting invitations to weddings next year already.  One of the worst things about wedding receptions is the awful music.

According to Five Thirty Eight, here a few songs that should be banned from any DJ's playlist.

The Chicken Dance - This one could be the worst song ever created. It's so incredibly cheesy and has no right to be played during a couple's special day.

Love Shack - There are several great songs from the B-52's songs. Can we give this one break?

Cotton Eye Joe - All I know is if it hadn't been for Cotton Eyed Joe we wouldn't have this terrible song.

The Hokey Pokey - The song lived up to its name about 30 years ago. It's just too hokey.

Macarena - This one should have died in 1997 and stayed dead.

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