Orange County residents located in the Emergency Planning Zone near Indian Point, no need to be alarmed, it's a scheduled test.

On Wednesday August 25th between 6:00 and 7:00pm, there will be a full-volume test of the Indian Point Energy Center siren system.

The Orange County Commissioner of Emergency Services, Brendan Casey, and Orange County Deputy Commissioner, Alan Mack want to advise residents that during the scheduled drill, which includes a full-system activation test, the sirens will sound simultaneously for four minutes, at full volume, throughout the 10-mile Emergency Planning Zone, and that includes the sirens in Orange County.

Shannon Fisher, Orange County Radiological Officer, reinforced that these alarms require no action on the part of the public, stating, “we test the Indian Point sirens in Orange County throughout the year to ensure that they work in the event of an emergency."

In an actual emergency situation, if residents were to hear the sirens sound, they would hear the Emergency Alert System via radio or TV for information and instructions about any action to be taken.  Residents are reminded that the sirens are an indicator to get information from the EAS broadcasts, not a signal for evacuation.

Information about participating EAS stations can be found in the Orange County Indian Point Emergency Guide, or by visiting Orange County's Department of Emergency Management page.
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