For nearly a half-year US Marshalls searched for a fugitive of justice in the woods in Upstate New York. He was finally found.

In this week's DEC Forest Rangers - Week In Review the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation announced a wanted man was found hiding on New York State land.

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Fugitive Search: Town of Arietta, Hamilton County


The DEC didn't say the man's name but for the past five months Forest Ranger Lieutenant Kerr and Rangers Hamm, Nally, and Thompson assisted the U.S. Marshals Service in the search for a wanted fugitive from Gloversville.

The unnamed man was wanted on a parole violation and suspicion of making bomb threats, officials say.

Officials believed the 35-year-old was living in the woods on state land with minimal outside contact.

Wanted Gloversville Man Arrested In Schenectady After Camping Near Chubb Lake


Last week, after a five-month search, rangers found the wanted 35-year-old camping near Chubb Lake.

The Rangers contacted the U.S. Marshals Service who found the suspect the next day and arrested them in Schenectady without incident.

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More information wasn't released.

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