A mother of three was left with bite marks all over her body after a coyote attacked her just outside the Hudson Valley. The likely rabid animal is still on the loose.

On Friday around 6:15 p.m., Doreen Latargia Entrup, 53, was walking near her Mahwah home which borders Rockland County when she noticed a coyote.

Prior to the attack, she noticed deer acting very strangely.

“Suddenly an adult deer goes flying across the avenue and I see a coyote stops chasing it,” she told the Bergen Record. "It just became very still."

Entrup was then attacked and bitten several times by the animal before she was able to drive it away by hitting it with a baseball bat she found in a driveway, police say.

The mother of three was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment for her injuries. Entrup told the Bergen Record the coyote left her with 13 punctures along her backside and arms.

Mahwah police and animal control searched the area but couldn't find the likely rabid animal. As of this wrting, the coyote is still on the loose, officials say.

Anyone confronted by a coyote should not run or turn their back, but instead, be as big and loud as possible, officials advise. Make sure garbage cans are secured and no food is left out to attract the coyotes. It's also recommended to not leave small pets outside.

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