This October you don't have to settle for just watching a scary movie. You get to act one out through a new horror experience hitting the Hudson Valley.

If your interested in spooky things then your favorite seasons is almost here. It's almost fall and that means it will be Halloween before you know it. Soon we will get to trade in beach chairs and sunscreen for pumpkins, candy and scary movies.

There's nothing like turning the lights off and watching a scary movie on a chilly October night from the safety of your own couch. Or is there? Scary movies are great but the scares on screen can only go so far. A new haunted house in Garrison, New York is letting you have an active role in a nightmare.

The Psycho Clan is a creative team behind many well-known NYC immersive productions and they are bringing will present The Dark House, a horror experience to Garrison this Halloween.

The Dark House isn't your typical haunted attraction. It's a unique and immersive horror theater that limits your senses during the experience. Perhaps your own imagination might be what scares you the most.

The Dark House production will run October 7 through October 31 at the
Philipstown Depot Theater located at 10 Garrisons Landing in Garrison. 

Performances are Wednesdays through Sundays from 6-10 pm (with Halloween
weekend running 5-10 pm), tickets are $30 and can be purchased in advance. You can book tickets and get more info on ticket information, here.

COVID-19 precautions will be in place for the event.

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