Have you ever been to a tapas bar/restaurant? I keep hearing more about these new hot spots within the Hudson Valley. Tapas refers to the style of serving food vs. the actual dishes. This small portion of food makes it easier to order more and to enjoy the variety. I love the idea behind this since you can try out different plates.

Depending on the restaurant and location, tapas can range from small plates to a more elaborate style meal. Let’s check out these well-known, tapa spots in the Hudson Valley.

  • Early Terrible, Woodstock: Typically known as a wine bar, Early Terrible has a super cool menu style. Ranging from small bites, such as roasted eggplant, to cheeseburgers, it seems like there’s something for everyone. Their cocktail list is super impressive, and I’m already sold on the Stormy Mojito. Check out their menu here. 
  • Tomas Tapas Bar & Restaurant, Wappinger Falls: I’ve heard about this local spot. Their tapas menu has a variety of cheese boards, sliders, and shrimp. As for alcohol, they offer wine, beer, and cocktails. Tiki cocktails have my name on them as soon as it warms up again. Here's their tapas menu.
  • Somoni Tapas Mediterranean Restaurant and Bar, Monroe:  If you’re down for a mix between ribs, empanadas, or flatbreads, then this is the place for you. They also have events going on and just had their official ribbon cutting. If you know anyone who’s looking for a job as a bartender or server, check out the link here.

Let me know if you have ever had a tapas experience within the Hudson Valley, I would love to hear more.

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